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Dead Sweet

Lynda Moss
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  • lyndawithay@livejournal.com
Hi! I'm Lynda Moss - you might remember me from Big Brother 200100. That's Lynda with a Y, not Linda with an I, who got evicted - I was the sweet one? Who left with the Doctor when he broke out? Best. Telly. Ever.


This is one in a series of fictional blogs that comprise the LiveJournal RPG known as The Game. The characters in The Game are loosely based on the tv series Doctor Who, which is the property of the BBC. The characters from other programmes - such as Blackpool, Casanova, and Torchwood, among others - are all the property of their respective owners. We're only playing with their toys a little; please don't hit us.

New to The Game? Check out lyndawithay's friends page for all the latest action, and keep checking back - the Plot, such as it is, changes daily. Want to play too? Create a character and post in the lonely_lounge, and you may be invited to join the sekrit plot discussion at teh_gameplay. General squee goes in thegame_ftw and gives our egos a boost. :)

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